Ocean Quest Arctic Clear HD Dive Mask

(Blue Ocean Network - September 21, 2011) -- Ocean Quest is taking steps to improve the over all experience for divers by introducing the Arctic Clear HD Dive Mask. Ocean Quest is now using a new lens called the Arctic Clear HD lens. The glass used in this process is of optical quality and far more pure than standard tempered glass.

Typically the glass in your scuba mask has been made with float glass and is similar in quality as an average car window.What you think of as clear actually has a slight green tint to it that you can see by placing your mask in front of a white piece of paper. This is caused by the mineral impurities in the glass. Arctic Clear HD lenses use optical quality glass similar to that used in your eyeglasses. It is far more pure offering the best possible clarity and little to no color distortion. This feature works to minimize distortion and actually enhances the available light offering improved vision and visual acuity that is most noticeable in low light conditions.

Ocean Quest doesn’t quit there.  The Arctic Clear HD mask uses the highest grade of surgical silicone available and boasts a low volume design that maximizes your peripheral vision when wearing the mask.  It is offered in both a non-purge design as well as with a low profile nose purge for ease and convenience of clearing.  Utilizing easy adjusted swivel buckles and a design that fits just about any face, the Arctic Clear HD mask is available in Blue, Black, Yellow or all Clear, and is the perfect mask for just about any diver enjoying most types of diving.

The new Ocean Quest mask is available at Scuba.com or call 800-347-2822 (800-34SCUBA).

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Ocean Quest Arctic Clear HD Dive Mask
September 21, 2011
Dive Industry

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