Tourist Submarine Collides with Reef in Red Sea.

(Blue Ocean Network - February 13, 2012) --  Three tourists drowned in the Red Sea after their sightseeing submarine sank off the coast of a popular Red Sea resort. A German couple and their child died in the accident off the resort town of Hurghada. Thirteen other tourists of different nationalities were rescued. Four of the rescued tourists were taken to hospital, state television reported.

Egyptian state television said a preliminary tourism police investigation found that the submarine had collided with a coral reef, shattering a glass partition and filling the vessel with water.

Submarine excursions allow tourists to see coral formations and exotic fish without having to snorkel or dive. Submarines can accommodate up to 45 people and dive to a depth of 70ft. The larger tourist submarines are operated by two pilots and have large reinforced glass windows.

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Tourist Submarine Collides with Reef in Red Sea.
February 13, 2012

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