Diving Equipment & Marketing Association

Opposition to the Cayman Islands Cruise Ship Berthing Facility is URGENTLY NEEDE

(Blue Ocean Network - July 1, 2015) -- DEMA -- The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association urgently requests all members of the diving community to issue a statement to the Cayman Islands Department of Environment (DOE) by the July 3rd deadline OPPOSING the construction of a proposed cruise ship berthing facility.

DEMA Requests All Members of the Dive Industry to Sign Online Petition to Stop D

(Blue Ocean Network - August 4, 2015) -- DEMA -- The Cayman Islands are a popular tourist destination and well known for their beautiful coral reefs. Currently, officials within the Cayman Government are reviewing plans to build a permanent cruise ship port that would require extensive dredging in the George Town Harbor area, which would damage the coral reefs and ecosystem near the proposed berthing facility, including several popular dive sites.

Sustainable shark diving website provides tools and reviews

(Blue Ocean Network.com - October 27, 2015) -- The growing trend of shark diving combined with the vulnerability of shark populations has spawned a new sustainable dive tourism website that will premier at the DEMA Show in Orlando Florida Nov 4-7, 2015.

DEMA Introduces 2015 Board of Directors

(Blue Ocean Network - February 3, 2015) -- The results of DEMA's 2015 Board of Directors Election are in. Members of DEMA's 2015 Board of Directors include the following individuals:

Scott Daley, Body Glove International
Mike Hollis, American Underwater Products*

DEMA Board of Directors Elects Officers and Establishes Committees for 2015

(Blue Ocean Network.com -- March 24, 2015) -- DEMA’s Board of Directors met in early March 2015 to strategize ways to help grow the dive Industry and welcome the newly elected members of the DEMA Board of Directors.  An important outcome of the meeting was the election of Board Officers and the formation of seven committees and the selection of individuals to chair them.

New Educational Topics and Great Content Leaders for DEMA Show 2014

(Blue Ocean Network.com - August 8, 2014) -- DEMA-Sponsored Seminar Track 1: Understand It at DEMA Show 2014 is offering an entire track dedicated to helping attendees understand the rapidly evolving business landscape that impacts their bottom line. Track 1 offers topics from popular and knowledgeable speakers including Jason Heller, CEO, AGILITI, Inc.; Rick Segel, President, Rick Segel & Associates; Tom Shay, Principal, Profits Plus;Wendi Swanson, Senior Consultant, The Freidman Group; Steve Weaver, CEO, Dream Weaver Travel; and Beth Ziesenis, Your Nerdy Best Friend, AskBethZ.com.

Early Bird Discount for DEMA Show 2014

(Blue Ocean Network.com - June 24, 2014) -- The newly renovated Las Vegas Hotel (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton) is offering a special Early Bird Discount on "pre" and "post" show dates to DEMA Show registrants that make reservations in the official DEMA Show hotel block by August 11, 2014. Rates are based on availability and must be booked prior to the discount deadline for maximum savings.

Single/Double $49 – November 13-17 and November 23-25, 2014 (if booked by August 11, 2014)
Single/Double $95 – November 18-22, 2014

Bringing Back Inactive Divers and Recruiting a Younger Consumer Take Center Stag

(Blue Ocean Network.com - June 23, 2014) --  Conceived in 2011 as a means by which DEMA Member input could help steer the direction of the Industry, 2020 Vision Sessions are part of the strategic learning process used by DEMA’s Board of Directors.  Ideas and priorities from these brainstorming sessions help the Board understand the needs of Industry Members “on the ground” and help to shape the future of recreational diving.

DEMA’s Board of Directors Makes Immediate Changes to the Association

(Blue Ocean Network.com - June 19, 2014) --On June 4th and 5th, the DEMA Board of Directors met to follow up on April’s Strategy Session.

DEMA 2020 Vision Session Discusses Kids, Families, Eco-based Activities

(Blue Ocean Network.com - May 15, 2014) -- How can we re-activate previously certified divers? What are the demographics of people who currently dive?  What does the industry have to do to bring young people into diving? 

These are just a few of the question that were addressed during DEMA’s latest 2020 Vision brainstorming session, conducted during the Beneath the Sea Show in New Jersey at the end of March.

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