Malaysia: Sustainable Tourism Major Contributor To Economy

(Blue Ocean - January 22, 2014) -- Sustainable tourism development is no longer just a mere cliche, but has become a major contributor to a more environmentally sustainable economy, said Malaysian Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz.

He said that with the right investment, tourism can be a lead change agent in the move to a green economy by driving economic growth and job creation.

Maldives creates world's second shark sanctuary

(Blue Ocean Network - June 3, 2010) -- The Maldives’ nation continues to be a frontrunner in environmental activism with their latest announcement that offers complete protection for sharks in its  90,000 sq.kms (34,750 sq.miles) of Maldives territorial waters. The huge shark sanctuary will be free of all shark fishing and finning, protecting more than 30 different species that make their home in the region. The Maldives has further banned all imports and exports of shark fins and shark products.

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