Governments Advise Against Travel to Egypt's Red Sea Resorts.

(Blue Ocean Network - August 19, 2013) -- Egypt’s tourism industry is facing a meltdown as a violent crackdown on Egyptian protesters by state police and military officials that began in Egypt last Wednesday continues, with the death toll now nearing 1000, and over 1300 people wounded.

(Blue Ocean Network - September 30, 2011) -- The Egyptian revolution in January 2011 posed several challenges for the travel industry – evacuating tourists, accommodating media, protecting hotel property from protesters. The most difficult time came when tour operators grounded their planes, stifling the flow of tourists.

Calm and normalcy have returned to Post-Revolutionary Egypt

(Blue Ocean Network - March 24, 2011) -- Learning Through Travel recently sponsored a familization (FAM) trip of US based dive shop owners traveling to Egypt on March 5-19th to tour Cairo, Luxor and to dive in the Red Sea resort cities of El Quseir, Marsa Alam, Safaga, Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab. 

Chaos erupts during Egypt's peak tourism season

(Blue Ocean Network - January 31, 2011) -- In the midst of Egypt’s peak tourist season, political unrest with demonstrations in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan and Suez are clearly upsetting tourism in that country.  The situation is in flux and news media reports have yet to comment on the impact on travelers to Egypt. As of this writing, the Egyptian Tourism Authority’s website makes no reference to the country's current problems. 

Oceanic Whitetip and Mako Sharks involved in attacks of swimmers

(Blue Ocean Network - December 17, 2010) -- The following is the official report from the expert team brought to Sharm El-Sheikh to investigate a series of shark attacks in late November and early December in the waters off the popular Egyptian resort area.

Between November 30 and December 5, 2010 there were 5 unprovoked shark attacks reported from Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

Investigation of shark attacks in coastal waters continues

(Blue Ocean Network - December 12, 2010) -- American scientists are making rapid progress in the investigation of an unprecedented string of attacks off a 3-mile stretch of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. The shark experts, flown into the Egyptian resort after 5 shark attacks killed one woman and seriously injured 4 others, have positively identified at least two of the sharks responsible.

Atypical behaviour of single shark a possible culprit.

(Blue Ocean Network - December 7, 2010) -- Egyptian authorities have called in an international team of shark experts to "assess and advise on the best course of action" after the Red Sea resort of Sharm el- Sheikh experienced five shark attacks in one week.  

Reef & Rainforest "Greening" Its Operation

(Blue Ocean Network - November 14, 2010) -- This month Reef & Rainforest is relocating its business headquarters to Portland, Oregon. The relocation to Oregon supports the adventure travel  company’s plan for growth in the scuba travel market.

Discover the Red Sea with Learning Through Travel

(Blue Ocean Network - May 10, 2010) -- Discover Red Sea diving with Learning Through Travel's Discover Dahab Dive Expedition. A small town situated on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula, approximately 80 km (50 miles) northeast of Sharm el-Sheikh,  Dahab is considered to be one of Egypt's most treasured diving destinations. Many reefs are immediately adjacent to Dahab's waterfront hotels and the nearby Blue Hole and Canyon are internationally famous dive spots.

Explore El Quseir Expedition, Egypt

(Blue Ocean Network - May 10, 2010) -- Discover the undiscovered with Learning Through Travel's Explore El Quseir Expedition to the southern Red Sea.  El Quseir is a truly unique unspoilt resort town on the mid-southern coastline of mainland Egypt, approximately 140km south of Hurghada.

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