Flight Delays

Super Typhoon Usagi Affects Hundreds of Flights Worldwide.

(Blue Ocean Network - Sept 23, 2013) -- As the worst storm to threaten Hong Kong in 34 years bore down on the territory yesterday, Cathay Pacific suspended all operations for Sunday and today. The Hong Kong-based airline is monitoring the situation and hopes to resume flights this evening.

Super Typhoon Usagi has affected at least 400 flights around the world. Driven by gusts up to 200 km/h, the storm is battering Hong Kong and China’s southern Guangdong province with extreme winds and heavy rain. It is also pounding Taiwan and the Philippines.

Volcano eruption continues, ash lessens, airspace opens in Europe

(Blue Ocean Network - April 21, 2010) -- The eruption of the volcano under the Eyjafjallajokull glacier, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) southeast of the capital Reykjavik, continues but the ash clouds have lessened, allowing more airports across Europe to reopen today. Almost 75% of the 28,000 flights scheduled in Europe are expected to take place.

Iceland's volcano spews ash causing flight chaos AP Image

(Dive Travel Business New - April 17, 2010) -- AP - This is an extensive up-to-date report by Read more

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