Raja Ampat

Heart of the Coral Triangle now has a Home On the Web

(Blue Ocean Network.com - August 11, 2014) -- Renowned photographers and coral triangle destination experts, Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock, along with web designers, Newmediasoup, announce the launch of www.birdsheadseascape.com.

The new site is the ultimate source for information about one of the world’s most popular scuba diving destinations, including Raja Ampat, Cenderawasih Bay and Triton Bay.

Honest Talk about Marine Conservation - Day 3 at the Blue Ocean Business Summit

(Blue Ocean Network.com - Tuesday June 3, 2014) -- Day 3 of the Blue Ocean Business Summit kicks off on Wednesday June 4, 2014. This free online industry event calls all stakeholders to the table to discuss the future of the dive industry and the need to bring the ocean into their businesses as a full partner.

The first day, entitled Big Ocean, Big Picture gave participants a powerful grounding on the new way of doing business that will help business owners and travelers ride the waves of change occurring in our industry and world.

Indonesia's Bird's Head Seascape: Dive into the World's Most Diverse Marine Eco-

(Blue Ocean Network - February 10, 2012) -- Where can divers swim with the world’s most diverse fish and coral species, gawk as a squadron of mantas swoops overhead, or poke around World War II wrecks?

New S/Y Maldives Siren expands Worldwide Dive & Sail Fleet to 5 sailing vessels

(BlueOceanNetwork - November 14, 2010) -- Worldwide Dive and Sail, live-aboard company that has become known for its luxury dive and sail itineraries around Southeast Asia, now has 5 vessels taking guests to the best dive sites in Thailand, Burma, India, Philippines, Indonesia, and its newest destination - the Maldives.

Diving Indonesia's Raja Ampat

(BlueOceanNetwork.com - Nov 17, 2009) --  Located off eastern Indonesia's Bird's Head Peninsula in Papua province, the archipelago called Raja Ampat is the undisputed heart of the oceans' marine diversity. Diving Indonesia's Raja Ampat is a new guidebook by co-authors and veteran photographers Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock who logged more than 1000 dives over 7 years on these remote reefs where more than 1320 species of fish and over 70% of the world's hard corals call home.

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