Shark Sanctuary

Palau Focuses on Eco-friendly Practices

(Blue Ocean Network - March 10, 2011) -- Palau is taking strides to preserve its natural resources, including sharks, whales, jelly fish, dolphins, agriculture, aquaculture and coral reefs. Eco-friendly practices are indigenous to the local culture and traditions and are now becoming a springboard for the island nation as several Palauan entities are enhancing their practices.

Maldives creates world's second shark sanctuary

(Blue Ocean Network - June 3, 2010) -- The Maldives’ nation continues to be a frontrunner in environmental activism with their latest announcement that offers complete protection for sharks in its  90,000 sq.kms (34,750 sq.miles) of Maldives territorial waters. The huge shark sanctuary will be free of all shark fishing and finning, protecting more than 30 different species that make their home in the region. The Maldives has further banned all imports and exports of shark fins and shark products.

Palau sanctuary is a no-shark fin soup zone

(Blue Ocean Network - June 2, 2010) -- With half of the world's sharks threatened with extinction, Palau created the world's first "shark sanctuary" in 2009. One of the smallest nation's in the world, Palau declared its entire Exclusive Economic Zone a shark sanctuary that protects about 600,000 sq km (230,000 sq miles) of ocean, an area about the size of France. Conservationists regarded the move as "game-changing" but enforcement is a problem due to the high demand for prestigious shark fin soup.

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