Help the Media Cover Dive Travel.  Every day we receive up to 3 emails from HARO that include journalists working on upcoming articles who need expert "Sources" to help them complete their assignments on deadline. We review and cull each list to provide Dive Travel Business News Readers with only those article queries that specifically target dive and travel industries, marine environment and sustainable tourism Sources.  PLEASE READ THE ONE SIMPLE RULE: Before you contact a journalist listed below, all we ask is that you follow HARO's One Simple Rule: "You must PROMISE us that you'll ask yourself before you send a response: 'Is this response really on target? Is this response really going to help the journalist, or is this just a BS way for me to get me or my client in front of the reporter'? If you have to think for more than three seconds, chances are, you shouldn't send the response." In other words, don't waste a busy journalist's time. Please read the query and deadline date carefully before you contact them. For Dive Travel Experts. If you would like to receive the full daily lists of queries, please sign up at HARO. Note: We have no affiliation with HARO other than participate in their excellent service. If you are interested in joining our own Experts List to help those reporters who contact us directly, please fill in this form. For Reporters & Travel Writers. To post a query directly with us please fill in this form. All submissions must be approved by DTBN before publications.

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