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Connect to the Sea with Liz Cunningham, author of Ocean Country

(Blue Ocean - February 2, 2016) -- Readers for the Sea will love an inspiring new book by author Liz  Cunningham.  "Ocean Country" is a moving memoire, an adventure story, a call to action, and a poetic meditation on the state of the seas. But most importantly it is the story of finding true hope in the midst of one of the greatest crises to face humankind, the rapidly degrading state of our water planet.

Blue Mind Author Talks Turtle and Changes the Conservation Conversation.

(Blue Ocean - Feb 12, 2016) -- Laurie J. Wilson, Editor Blue Ocean Network.

Do you love sea turtles? Maybe you can remember your first sea turtle encounter? Destinations with this charismatic ocean fauna attract dive and snorkel travelers and beachgoers who can't wait to catch a glimpse of these pre-historic creatures. 

Sea the Value.

ADEX 2017 Spotlights the Most Pressing Issue of our time

(Blue Ocean - Feb 9, 2016) -- ADEX, the Asia Dive Expo, has announced it will dedicate its 2017 show to a major issue, not a marine creature. ADEX organizers have decided to entirely dedicate the Asia Dive Expo to climate change and the impact it is having, and will have, on our oceans.

According to ADEX, "Climate change is the biggest challenge facing Nature and humanity, and believes the dive industry needs to face it head on and lead the way in combatting this threat to life on our blue planet."

Blue Ocean Business Summit 2015 gives Attendees a BLUE FRIDAY

(Blue Ocean - Nov 23, 2015) - Earlier this year, Blue Ocean Network dived into another exploratory project, creating an online video summit for the dive and travel trade that addresses the biggest peril we face - Business As Usual

Opposition to the Cayman Islands Cruise Ship Berthing Facility is URGENTLY NEEDE

(Blue Ocean Network - July 1, 2015) -- DEMA -- The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association urgently requests all members of the diving community to issue a statement to the Cayman Islands Department of Environment (DOE) by the July 3rd deadline OPPOSING the construction of a proposed cruise ship berthing facility.

DEMA Requests All Members of the Dive Industry to Sign Online Petition to Stop D

(Blue Ocean Network - August 4, 2015) -- DEMA -- The Cayman Islands are a popular tourist destination and well known for their beautiful coral reefs. Currently, officials within the Cayman Government are reviewing plans to build a permanent cruise ship port that would require extensive dredging in the George Town Harbor area, which would damage the coral reefs and ecosystem near the proposed berthing facility, including several popular dive sites.

Cayman approves controversial Mega Cruise Port jeopardizing reefs, tourism

(Blue Ocean Network - Oct 29, 2015) -- CNS -- Circled with reefs and plunging walls, the Cayman Islands have long been a dive mecca. But the latest proposed cruise ship berthing facility could threaten its top dive destination status as yesterday the Cayman Islands cabinet approved the next step in a mega-cruise berthing project.

Premier Alden McLaughlin and Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell stated on Wednesday that all of the government’s members had backed the move to the next step after vigorous discussions that ended with unanimous support.

Coral Reef Scientists Publish Consensus Statement and Call To Action

(Blue Ocean Network - October 21, 2015) -- On October 20, the International Society of Reef Studies released a jaw-dropping scientific Consensus Statement in preparation for the 21st Session of the  Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, to be held in Paris this December.

Diving pioneer Dr. Phil Nuytten to host Women Divers Hall of Fame event at DEMA

(Blue Ocean - October 7, 2015) -- Dr. Phil Nuytten will be taking the helm as the emcee of the Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF) annual special event Tropical Dreams and Paradise Sunsets at DEMA Show 2015.  Inventor of the famous Newtsuit and world-renowned for his undersea exploration, Dr. Nuytten will be helping WDHOF raise funds for its scholarships and training grants by auctioning off exotic trips and one-of-a-kind silent auction items.

DEMA Board in deep discussion on issues that impact the industry

(Blue Ocean - September 15, 2015) -- The results are in for the DEMA Board of Directors's recent Quarterly Board Meeting.  Deep discussions to move the association forward on matters impacting the industry were had around:

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