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Blue Ocean Business Summit to discuss the “Elephant in the Ocean".

(Blue Ocean Business - May 26, 2015) -- “Her Deepness” Dr. Sylvia Earle, Ocean Ambassador Jean-Michel Cousteau, renowned Cave Explorer Jill Heinerth and award-winning “Sharkwater” Filmmaker Rob Stewart are four of the action-oriented change-makers who will share how they face and embrace ocean challenges at the upcoming Blue Ocean Business Summit that launches on World Oceans Day, Monday June 8 2015.

DEMA Introduces 2015 Board of Directors

(Blue Ocean Network - February 3, 2015) -- The results of DEMA's 2015 Board of Directors Election are in. Members of DEMA's 2015 Board of Directors include the following individuals:

Scott Daley, Body Glove International
Mike Hollis, American Underwater Products*

DEMA Board of Directors Elects Officers and Establishes Committees for 2015

(Blue Ocean -- March 24, 2015) -- DEMA’s Board of Directors met in early March 2015 to strategize ways to help grow the dive Industry and welcome the newly elected members of the DEMA Board of Directors.  An important outcome of the meeting was the election of Board Officers and the formation of seven committees and the selection of individuals to chair them.

Vanuatu in State of Emergency, Asking for Aid after Super Cyclone Pam Hits

(Blue Ocean - March 17, 2015) -- Super Cyclone Pam swept across Vanuatu last Friday with maximum winds more than 200 mph (320 kph).  Average wind speeds of up to 270 kilometres per hour, make the Category 5 cyclone's power comparable to Typhoon Haiyan, which devastated the Philippines in 2013.

Unprecedented "More Than Scientists" Video Campaign Kicks Off Today

(Blue Ocean - March 16, 2015) -- If there is any debate that scientists are still debating climate change, it stops here with a video campaign "More Than Scientists" launched today by

Green Bubbles Sustainable Diving Launches in Europe.

(Blue Ocean - July 28, 2015) -- An exciting new Sustainable Business Initiative has been launched in the European Dive Industry. Green Bubbles is the EU-funded project dedicated to sustainable SCUBA diving.

Green Bubbles kicked off in the beautiful coastal Italian town of Santa Margherita Ligure on 16th-20th of February 2015 on the Portofino Peninsula. Santa Margherita is located next to the famous Portofino Promontory Marine Protected Area on the northwest coast of Italy.

Marine Biologist, Trailblazer, Shark Lady Eugenie Clark passes at 92

(Blue Ocean - February 25, 2015) -- It's a sad day for us Ocean People. Pioneer, mentor, thought leader, author, TV star, Women Divers Hall of Fame honoree and much-loved "Shark Lady," Eugenie Clark died this morning in Sarasota, Florida. She was 92. 

Eugenie was an American marine biologist who fell in love with sharks as a child with her nose pressed against an aquarium tank, and later became famous for her shark research,  National Geographic articles and TV specials on the much maligned species. Eugenie changed the way we look at sharks.

Dive Industry Demands More Action From Governments On Ocean Conservation.

(Blue Ocean Network - May 14, 2015)  – Recognizing that jobs and revenues of its multibillion-dollar industry are threatened by ocean degradation, overfishing and climate change, a group of dive industry stakeholders has launched a call to action for governments and international treaties to address threats to the world's oceans in order to safeguard livelihoods from the effects of an impoverished marine environment.

Unprecedented Dive Industry Initiative Will Address World Governments

(Blue Ocean Network - February 25, 2015) -- An unprecedented international dive initiative is being launched by environmental group Divers for Sharks and the Brazilian-based non-profit Augusto Carneiro Institute. The team invites dive industry members from around the globe to unite as a single voice, to draw world attention to the grave threats faced by a fundamental and shared resource, the ocean.

Devastating Damage Caused by Cruise Ship Anchor Mobilizes Cayman Dive Community

(Blue Ocean - January 22, 2015 ) -- Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands --A fundraising campaign has been launched in Grand Cayman to help finance and sustain a major reef restoration project currently being done by volunteer divers supported by local dive operators, and overseen by the Cayman Islands Department of Environment.

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