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Upswing in Fraudulent Airline Tickets in 2011

(Blue Ocean Network - December 12, 2011) -- The LA times reports that the number of fraudulent airline tickets ordered in the U.S. has surged recently, with more than $1 million in unauthorized tickets issued in the last few months.

NOAA Diving Manual to be released Jan 2012

(Blue Ocean Network - November 20, 2011) -- Best Publishing Company has announced the launch of the latest edition of the NOAA Diving Manual. This long-respected diving resource offers instructions, recommendations, and general guidance on the broadest possible range of underwater living conditions and dive situations. Its robust content will prove useful to scientific, commercial, and recreational divers everywhere.

(Blue Ocean Network - November 17, 2011) -- More than 9,000 pre-qualified diving professionals registered for DEMA Show 2011, which was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL from November 2nd to 5th.  DEMA Show 2011 encouraged attendees to find new direction by providing hundreds of exhibits, products, services, educational sessions and more. Opening day commenced at 10:00 am on November 2nd with more than 6,400 opening day attendees, including buyers, travel buyers, instructors and other diving professionals from all over the world. 

Reef Safe™ by Tropical Seas® Sting Cooler™ Jelly Fish Sting Relief

(Blue Ocean Network - Nov 30, 2011) --  Just one sting from the luminous jellyfish can halt on anyone’s snorkeling or dive vacation. Fortunately, most jellyfish stings are harmless, but they have the potential to be very painful. To keep underwater adventures free from pain, Reef Safe™ byTropical Seas® has created the new Sting Cooler™ Jelly Fish Sting Relief.

Founder Peter Hughes Launches Luxury Live-aboard Partnership

(Blue Ocean Network - Nov 10, 2011) -- Founded in 2011 by dive industry veteran Peter A. Hughes, the DivEncounters Alliance debuted at the trade-only DEMA Show 2011 in Orlando Florida, November 2-5. The DiveEncounters Alliance is a worldwide partnership of like-minded independent luxury live-aboard operators who are located in the world's most highly sought after dive destinations.

Lionfish Recipe a Conservation Initiative at Bimini Big Game Club

(Blue Ocean Network - Nov 9, 2011) -- With more than 400 servings of a new menu item last month, Bimini Big Game Club‘s General Manager Michael Weber and Chef Alvarez Bastian have found a recipe to help the environment and sate the most discriminating palate at the same time.

Industry Pro's New Position Encourages Responsible Travel and Adaptive Adventure

(Blue Ocean Network - November 8, 2011) -- After seven years of business, and twice being recognized as one of the 100 Fastest Growing Businesses in the Philadelphia area, Indian Valley Scuba is changing leadership.  Founder David Valaika recently announced his decision to turn over the reigns of the Northeast’s leading dive center to the team he built. 

DEMA Announces Leap into Consumer Show Arena

(Blue Ocean Network - November 3, 2011) --- Known for its cornerstone trade-only event "DEMA SHOW", the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) announced its leap into the consumer show arena today at the annual DEMA Member Meeting and Update held at DEMA Show 2011. Executive Director Tom Ingram announced that the "Be A Diver Adventure Sports Festival" will be a city-wide consumer event that will take place April 26-28, 2013, in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The Festival will be an annual event.

Avid Diver/Sailer Feared eaten by Cannibals in Marquesas Islands

(Blue Ocean Network - October 28, 2011) -- A round-the-world sailor and avid scuba diver is feared to have been eaten by cannibals during a visit to a South Sea island. Remains found in the embers of a camp fire are believed to be those of 40-year-old business adviser Stefan Ramin. He apparently arranged to go on a traditional goat hunt in the forest after dropping anchor at Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia.

Whalers Whooing Travelers with Whale Meat

(Blue Ocean Network - November 3, 2011) --  Icelandic whalers are trying to win tourists over to their point of view, offering them the chance to go to see with them, feel harpoons and eat whale meat and blubber.

Now after being alerted to the fact that whale meat is on sale at an Icelandic airport, the British Foreign Office has issued a stiff warning to Britons not to bring home any whale meat, saying to do so is in breach of international law protecting endangered species.

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